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The world's best-selling Startup / Shutdown controller for vehicle PCs
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The code and board layout of the DSSC is now open source!
Based on the feedback from our users and the open source community, we've decided to release the code and schematic of the DSSC.
Atlanta, GA, 2007-08-20

Press: Dashwerks DSSC can be seen in a great new book by O'Reilly Publishing: "Car PC Hacks "
The DSSC Car PC Controller is featured in a great new car carputer book: Car PC Hacks; by Damien Stolarz (O'Reilly Publishing; ISBN: 0-596-00871-6; 352 pages) in Q3 2005 (July Release date). O'Reilly Publishing is a well-respected technology publisher and content provider. We're honored to have one of our products in one of their books.
Atlanta, GA, 2005-04-27

Press: Dashwerks Demo Vehicle to be featured in a new book by Wiley Publishing: "Geek My Ride "
The Dashwerks Demo Vehicle is going to be featured in the great new book: Geek My Ride; by Auri Rahimzadeh (Wiley Publishing; paperback, 500 pages; ISBN: 0-7645-7876-6). The book can be purchased here. Our press release can be found here.
Atlanta, GA, 2005-01-26

Best Selling DSSC Controller price reduced
After the great customer response to our Holiday Sale, Dashwerks has decided to permanently lower the price of our best-selling DSSC Startup / Shutdown Controller. The DSSC is now available for just $49 US. Click here for more details.
Atlanta, GA, 2005-01-05

Happy Holidays!
Best wishes for a happy Happy Holiday and prosperous New Year from the Dashwerks team.
Atlanta, GA, 2004-12-25

DSSC™ revision 1a units now available
Revision 1a DSSC™ boards are now available for purchase.  To purchase a CarPC startup and shutdown controller, please click here. To talk to other users of the DSSC™ or discuss its functionality and features, please click here.
Atlanta, GA, 2004-10-25

Dashwerks incorporates real-time response into Linux Automotive
Dashwerks has integrated new zero-latency code to the DashPC Linux Automotive operating system. Using this new technology, the DashPC Linux Automotive software helps bring a truer response to the demanding vehicle-machine interface. Users will benefit directly from a much improved software response time.
Atlanta, GA, 2004-10-09

Dashwerks integrates new simplified multi-core DSP design into flagship product line
Atlanta, GA, 2004-06-07

Dashwerks granted developer access to Intel's "Carbonado" design architecture.
Dashwerks, Inc. has recently been granted 'exclusive' developer access (by proxy) to Intel's newest Bulverde™ based chipset.
Atlanta, GA, 2004-05-07

DSSC™ revision 1-B units now shipping
The second revision of the DSSC™ Controllers are once again available for purchase.  Some units are available via the online market website eBay.com.  To purhase a DSSC Controller please click here. For details about the controller and its capabilities, please follow this link. If you'd like to talk to other users of the DSSC™ or discuss its functionality and features, please use this link.
Atlanta, GA, 2004-04-20

DashPC™ infotainment unit featured on Slashdot.org  (again)
The Dashwerks Telematics Server™(DWTS) was again featured on one of the IT industry's leading news websites: Slashdot.org. Today marks the third time the DashPC™ system has been featured on the front page of Slashdot.
Atlanta, GA, 2004-04-03

Revision 1-B of the Dashwerks DSSC™ Startup and Shutdown Controller enters into production
The latest version of the DSSC™ will become available for purchase within 3 weeks. This version of the DSSC™ features fewer components, a more efficient design, and a safer ignition sequence. The projected sales date for this unit is 2004-05-01. Pre-orders be accepted one week before the final sales release. Of further note, 3 prototype units for sale on eBay in about 2 weeks. A link will be posted here with details when these three prototype units are available for sale.
Atlanta, GA, 2004-04-02

The much anticipated Dashwerks DSSC™ Startup and Shutdown Controller is now available
Revision 1a of the DSSC™ controller has been released and is now available for purchase.
Atlanta, GA, 2004-03-13

New version of the open-source DashPC™ software framework released
Today, Dashwerks released the latest version of its open-source version of the DashPC™ software. The software can be downloaded from this link at sourceforge.net.
Atlanta, GA 2004-03-02

Dashwerks previews the forthcoming DashPC™ / "Telematics Server" for the Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts (ALE) group
Dashwerks offered a very comprehensive preview of it's forthcoming flagship product: the Dashwerks Telematics Server (DWTS) - to the Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts (ALE) group tonight. We had a great turn out, and we're hoping to do many more demos and presentations for the community in the months to come. Thanks to everyone that attended!
Atlanta, GA - 2003-08-21

Strategic partnership with the Automotive Multimedia interface Collaboration (AMI-C) group to enhance existing Dashwerks Vehicle Services Interface (VSI) capabilities
A new strategic partnership with the automotive multimedia interface collaboration group has created an exciting new future for the Dashwerks Vehicle Services Interface (dVSI), and Dashwerks Human Machine Interface (dHMI). By combining Dashwerks, Inc's proven vehimatics experience with the definitive source of future vehicle multimedia, Dashwerks has further secured it's position as the vehimatics industry leader for both vendors and consumers.
Parkersburg, 2003-05-03

The DSSC™ circuit is quickly approaching preliminary release
The Dashwerks Startup and Shutdown Circuit (DSSC™) is quickly approaching it's much anticipated first release. The "Bill of Materials" has been set for quite some time now, and the final design is all but completed. The current deadline for circuit delivery is less than 1 Month from today (April 25, 2003). Although the pricing structure has not yet been finalized, the inital run of units will become available on a first-come first-served basis. The second production run will include schematics, a DIY kit, and the microprocessor alone.
Atlanta, 2003-04-25

DSSC™ circuit end user usage poll created
An end user poll has been created for marketing data and a more targeted product. The end result will be a truly "user defined" product. By allowing our customers to tailor the design to their needs, Dashwerks, saves on costs and can target the market more appropriately.
Atlanta, 2003-02-31

New version of DashPC™ now available
The latest version of DashPC™ is now available. You can download it here.
Atlanta, 2003-02-20

Dashwerks prototype vehicle(s) to be featured at PhreakNIC
Both Dashwerks prototype vehicles (VW and GM) will be on display at the 2002 PhreakNIC Technology Convention in Nashville, Tennessee. Details can be found at the official PhreakNIC website.
Nashville, 2002-10-31

   Press coverage

2007 Release 2.0 Magazine interviewed Chris Bergeron, the owner, of Dashwerks, Inc. about our role in the proliferation of open-source technology and how we were able to develop a profitable business model using a hybrid open-source / proprietary business model. Read the latest issue here.

2005 Car PC Hacks features the DSSC startup and shutdown controller as an essential resource for anyone building a car computer.

2005 Geek My Ride highlights my open source DashPC software interface.

2004 - Slashdot.org: Slashdot.org front page discussion about powerful but inexpensive dashboard computer systems.

2003 Consumer Electronics Show (CES): Via Technologies demonstrates the Dashwerks DashPC™ as the Creme de le Creme of existing telematics solutions. Video footage of the event can be seen here (Windows Media format).

Via Technologies highlights the Dashwerks - DashPC™ as the new de-facto telematics framework for the most advanced vehicles of today.